5 of the top trout fishing waters in Missouri

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When it comes to trout fishing in Missouri, there are plenty of options for both the experienced fishermen and those who have no experience. The most notable places to fish include Lake Taneycomo, White River, Meramec River, Eleven Point River and Crane Creek, which all offer excellent trout fishing. Whether you decide to wade in the shade of Crane Creek River, float down stream on the Meramec River or drift along the shorelines of Lake Taneycomo and more, Missouri is a first class destination for fishermen worldwide. The state offers stunningly beautiful scenery, remote and non remote fishing areas and miles upon miles of fishing adventure. Not only does Missouri offer wonderful trout fishing but the state presents over 200 species of fish found within their lakes, rivers and creeks. The ideal time to go trout fishing for either a first timer or seasoned angler is during the winter however, whether it is Spring, Fall, all fishing is enjoyable in Missouri during anytime of the year. These top five trout fishing destinations all highly contribute to the states reputation of superior fishing. Whether you want to visit Eastern, Southern, Central Missouri and more, consider these top five trout fishing destinations because booking your trip.
Here are our top5 locations for trout!

Lake Taneycomo
Best known for its rainbows and big browns, Lake Taneycomo is filled with many fishing options. Fish from the pools or shoals when the Table Rock dam isn’t running or drift along on a boat. Located on the outskirts of Branson, the shoreline is made up of homes, lodges and cottages. Although it is set in the wilderness, Taneycomo is certainly not remote. This cold water fishery runs up to 50 feet deep and expands 22 miles in length. It replaced the once flowing White River and is considered a first class trout fishing river. This section of the White River is known throughout the world for its large trout.

White River
Flowing west, the White River consists of a 720-mile long journey and is far more than your average attraction. Expanding all the way up to Guino, the main section for trout fishing is a long distance of about 90 miles. The most popular creeks for finding trout include Buffalo River and Crooked Creek. Stocking literally thousands of rainbows, the Game and Fish Commission, has made White River the destination for fishers all over the world. After meeting up with the Mississippi River, it runs 2,340 miles in length and is a major river of Central North America flowing through both Arkansas and Missouri.

Meramec River
The Meramec offers fine trout fishing and can be found in the Eastern part of Missouri. The prime fishing water for trout is located between Meramec Spring Park and Scotts Ford. Per mile there is about 290 trout including browns and rainbows. Many fishers suggest floating, starting at Highway 8 Bridge and heading downstream to Scotts Ford. Wade fishing is also popular on this 228 mile river with Suicide Hill and Cardiac being favored access points. Not only is Meramec the second longest flowing river in Missouri but it is completely unaltered and offers plenty of excellent trout fishing options.

Eleven Point River
Found in the South Central area of Missouri you will find Eleven Point River that is a strikingly beautiful river in a very remote area. It is however, no secret, that the trout fishing here is ideal. Stocking rainbow trout ten times per year, the Missouri Department of Conservation makes fishing easier for those who are less experienced between the Turner Mill and Riverton area. A popular option for many fishermen is floating down this 44 mile long river. Some of the float trips suggested includes Cane Bluff to Greer and for a longer float, Greer Crossing to Riverton. Although the wadeable water is minimal, Whitten and Riverton access areas offer deep pools that are heavily stocked.

Crane Creek
Crane Creek, residing in Stone and Lawrence County in Southern Missouri, was one of the first rivers to be stocked with rainbow trout in the 1880s. You can find small pools and great shade creating the ultimate wade fishing experience. This Blue Ribbon classified trout area, flowing through the town of Crane, is noted for its trout fishing. All fish found in Crane are wild and are a rare species of trout, McCloud River Rainbows, but that does not impact the trout population. There are lots of trout to be found within this 25 mile creek expanding from Elm Spring to James River.

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