16 of the best pike fishing lakes in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin, the land of cheese and beer is also renowned for its lakes that are well stocked with a variety of fish. Many of the state's great lakes are prime spots for northern pike fishing which include Lake Monona, Lake Noquebay, and Lake Poygan, to name a few. Make sure to have tip-ups with heavy fluorescent leader and a No. 6 hook in your fishing kit. Minnows like golden shiner are perfect for pike fishing in Wisconsin lakes. Northern pike fishing is open all year on some waters including selected rivers and backwater lakes. The general season begins in May where pike are fair game throughout the state where they are active in depths from 8 to 18 feet.
The best time for pike fishing is daylight hours when pike are out hunting for food. With easy access to numerous lakes spread across the state, pike fishing can be fun at any time of the year even when no other fish may fall for your bait. Pike are available through the ice in good numbers in winter when the lakes freeze up fast. Three of Wisconsin's counties border Lake Superior, which are great places to haul up some trophy pike, with a two-fish daily bag limit. So, if you are in Wisconsin, Bayfield, Ashland, and Douglas are the places from where you can access the Great Lake.
One of the most beautiful lakes in Wisconsin home to a large number of northern pike is Balsam Lake, located in Polk County, next to the Balsam Lake Dam in the Village of Balsam Lake. Spread over 1901 acres with a maximum depth of 37 feet, the lake offers some exceptional pike fishing opportunities. The lake is accessible from many points including the west shore and northwest shore off Hwy. 46., and northeast shore off County Roads G& GG. While northern pike are plentiful, make sure you comply with the rules which include a daily bag limit of 2 and a minimum length limit of 26 inches.
Surrounded by picturesque woods and glacial drumlins, Druid Lake in the town of Erin, Washington County, Wisconsin, is an angler's paradise. The lake covers an area of 121 acres with 2.3 miles of shoreline with a heavy population of fish including northern pike at depths of up to 25 feet, while the lake reaches a maximum depth of 53 feet. Fish are stocked in order to sustain the population and provide recreational opportunities for anglers across the state. Located in the Kettle Moraine area, Druid Lake is a mere 25 miles northwest of Milwaukee with many access points along the way including the north shore of the lake off Hwy. 83 & Waterford Road.
Located in Kewaunee County, the 50-acre East Alaska Lake is the perfect recreational spot for anglers looking for a good catch of northern pike. About 1000 feet of the lake is within the Kewaunee County Park. The lake is 5.5 miles from Algoma, near Alaska, Wisconsin, and is excellent for fly fishing, bait-casting, and spinning. In addition to pike getting a bite of pike, the lake has a variety of salmon, musky, and steelhead trout as well. On any day you can expect a good haul of pike. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department for rules and regulations and make sure you purchase a fishing license available at local bait shops.
One of the deepest natural inland lakes in Wisconsin is Green Lake, west of Niagara Falls. The lake offers some exceptional fishing and recreational opportunities. The spring-fed lake has a maximum depth of 239 feet, with excellent water quality and many insect and algae species, making it an ideal environment for fish. Anglers can look forward to a good catch of northern pike including some trophy sized ones. Located in Green Lake County, the 7,346 acre lake is accessible from a number of areas including the southeast shore off Hwy. 73, the northeast shore off County Road A, and Hwy. 23 on the east shore. Northern pike as big as 12 pounds are considered small, in the tranquil waters of Green Lake.
If you are looking for a 40-inch plus northern pike then Half Moon Lake in Marathon County in the Mosinee area is the place to cast your fishing rod. The 135 acre lake has a maximum depth of 9 feet and is a great place for ice fishing as well. Fishing through the ice is best with tip-ups with a golden shiner on Half Moon Lake. The best time for pike to get a bite of your rod is from May through to March. The lake is a great place to camp overnight as well at a local campground in the Rib Mountain State Park.
Lake Ellen in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, is a 121 acre lake where you can discover great northern pike, bass, perch, and walleye as well. With the Willow Mill Campsite nearby, anglers can enjoy an overnight trip to the lake close to the Sheboygan River. With a maximum depth of 42 feet, the lake is a well stocked with fish by the Department of Natural Resources every year. Lake Ellen is 44 miles northwest of Milwaukee located near Cascade. You can access the north end of the lake from Hwy. 28 and Ellen View Road. Just wade into the water and cast your fly rod for a shot at northern pike.
Formerly a favorite of the Winnebago Indians, Lake Monona continues to be a hot spot for anglers. Located along the borders of Madison, Wisconsin's capital city, Lake Monona is the second largest in the Yahara Chain of Lakes. The natural glacial lake, Monona is fed by the Yahara River, and remains frozen for almost half the year from mid December to mid April, making it ideal for ice fishing for pike. With 3,274 acres of prime waters, Lake Monona is accessible from various locations by boat ramp. With a maximum depth of 64 feet you can rest assured of a decent catch on your next visit to the lake.
Anglers would do themselves a world of good by heading out to Lake Noquebay in Marinette County, northeastern Wisconsin. The 2400-acre lake is has been a favorite fishing ground since the area was inhabited by Native Americans, the primary diet of settlers. The County Park on the south shore of the lake is an ideal place for fishing with plenty of overnight cottages for families and fishermen. Every February, a popular event, Fish-o-Ramna is held at the Lake Noquebay Sportsman Club. A large section on the eastern side of the lake is under the control of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR).
Anglers and birds have a lot in common when it comes to Lake Poygan in the Central Sands Region of Wisconsin. The lake has healthy populations of northern pike along with bass and walleye. he lake is known as the best fishing spot in the Winnebago Pool. Ice fishing is popular every year with up to 20 inches of ice forming on the top. The spear fishing season commences in February every fifth year. The lake is spread over 14,000 acres right across Winnebago County supplying fishermen with many opportunities to set up their base. Lake Poygan is a shallow with a maximum depth of 14 feet.
One of the best all year round fishing spots in Wisconsin is Lake Namekagon. Anglers looking for a great Northwoods getaway amidst the splendor of the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest will find Lake Namekagon the perfect spot. Supplied with water from the Namekagon River, the Namekagon Dam regulates the water level in the lake. The lake has many bays and islands from where anglers pull up 40 pound fish on a regular basis. While Lake Namekagon is known as a trophy muskie lake, pike anglers will find this lake worth the challenge. There is plenty for ice anglers as well right through the winter.
Oneida County is blessed with over a thousand lakes, many of which are called Pelican Lake. However, the largest individual lake is in near the town called Pelican Lake with some of the largest population of pike, in the majestic settings of the Northwoods. The natural lake is a diverse fishery with a good population of northern pike, bass, and walleye, along with plenty of ice fishing opportunities throughout the season. The weedy bays and cabbage weed flats provide food for the fish, which are ideal locations for fishermen, where waters reach a depth of 88 feet. With 3,587 acres of clear waters, the lake has many access points including Hwy. 47 and County Road B on the east shore and Hwy. 47 and County Road G on the south end.
Wisconsin's second largest water body is Lake Petenwell, with over 23000 acres of water between Adams County and Juneau County. The lake is one of the best fisheries in Wisconsin, attracting anglers from all over the state. Besides, it is one of the biggest attractions apart from Wisconsin Dells, which is 30 miles north of the Wisconsin Dells on State Highway 21. Several of the largest fishing tournaments are held at the lake. The maximum depth of 44 feet there are plenty of opportunities to fish for pike especially along the shores around the Petenwell County Park, in Adams County, on the east side of the lake.

Whitewater Lake in Walworth County, Wisconsin is another great fishing spot for pike within the Kettle Moraine State Forest, closed to the town of Richmond. The 640-acre lake has a maximum depth of 38 feet, home to bass, bluegill, walleye, and crappie as well. The beautiful, clean lake can be fished all year round. Anglers can expect a bucket full of pike in the south west region around Natureland Park. The weedy waters warm quickly in spring, which is the ideal environment to bring up some 7 pound pike. No matter where you are in southeastern Wisconsin, you will find good fishing spots for northern pike like Whitewater.
Trout Lake in Vilas County, Wisconsin, is an inland lake with good fishing opportunities. A large undeveloped area provides the perfect environment for anglers to cast their fishing rods in the lake. Apart from the notorious lake trout, over 40 species have been found including northern pike, walleye, perch, bass, and some trophy muskies as well. Trout Lake is situated near the town of Boulder Junction. Along the 3,870 acres you will find fishing hotspots on the south east shoreline of north Trout lake in the numerous rocky and steep breaklines. Access to the lake is from east of Highway 51 and west of Highway M.
10 miles north of Saint Germain in Vilas County, Wisconsin is Star Lake. The 1,206-acre lake is largely undeveloped within the boundaries of the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, with great opportunities for pike fishing. The lake has a maximum depth of 68 feet which is stocked with musky, bass, walleye, and perch, apart from pike. The eastern shore has two public boat launches for access. Fly fishing enthusiasts can look forward to a great day of fishing amidst the peace and tranquility of the Northwoods. Star Lake is definitely a haven for fishing, which makes it a premier destination for anglers from all over the state.
Pike Lake is among a group of four spring-fed lakes known as the Pike Lake Chain in the northeast corner of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in northwest Wisconsin. Pike Lake is the largest among the four lakes covering an area of 806 acres with an average depth of 11 feet. Apart from trophy northern pike, the lake is home to muskie, perch, rock bass, and sturgeon. Motor trolling is allowed on Pike Lake. The lake is just 25 miles north of Milwaukee. Entry from the forest is 3 miles west of Highway 41 and 7 miles west of Highway 45. Boating and waterskiing is restricted from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm so that anglers are not disturbed.

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